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Houston Texans can't be eliminated from the playoff race this week

The Houston Texans now are climbing a steep hill in the AFC and they sit at 6-6, but they can’t be eliminated from the playoff race in Week 14. Here are the reasons:

If the Texans lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers this week, they will fall to 6-7 and the best possible record would be 9-7. In that case, the Texans' record in the AFC would be 6-6.

Now in the conference, the Denver Broncos hold the sixth and final playoff spot. If the Brncons win this weekend, they will rise to 9-4. If they lost the last three games, they would fall to 9-7 and their AFC record would be just like Houston, 6-6. From there, the two teams would move to record vs. common opponents.

Both the Texans and the Broncos face the four teams - the Raiders, Patriots, Bengals, and Jaguars. Houston is 3-2 in those games while Denver would be 2-3 in the given scenario after losing to two of those teams over the last three weeks. That gives the Texans the tiebreaker.

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